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Water Heating Equipment

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McCotter Energy Systems offers a full line of commercial plumbing and water heating equipment. Steam to water heaters, water to water heaters and storage tanks are available for a variety of commercial applications.
Steam to Water
  • Advanced electronic controls provide detailed operating information and support BAS integration
  • Low cost installation <4 sq. ft. footprint; no tanks, traps or blending valves required
  • Low maintenance and long lasting durability
  • Dual-control strategy, fully modulating steam control valve and helically shaped, heat exchanger design.
Water to Water
  • PID temparature controller and a 3-way electronic control valve.
  • Accurate temperature control +-4F
  • Fully modulating variable primary input
  • All stainless steel, copper or copper alloy wetted surfaces
  • Ideal for new or retrofit
Gas Fired - RBI
  • Full modulation, high efficiency hot water supply and hydronic heating boilers
  • Finned copper tube heat exchanger
  • High efficiency up to 88%
  • Sealed combustion/direct vent
  • Variable speed blower
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Pumps & Accessories - Grundfos
  • Pumps and pressure boosting systems
  • Recirculating Pumps
  • Waste Water Pumps
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Storage Tanks
  • Capable of producing any size storage vessel required, from carbon or stainless steel.
  • Five year limited warranty on steel tank - provides warranty protection against tank failure resulting from defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Ten year limited warranty on steel tank (with double glass lining) - provide superior warranty protection against tank failure. Double glass lining is not an inventory item, built upon request.
  • custom made tanks for all applications
  • offers small volume glass lined tanks with capacities up to 200 gallons for use in potable and non-potable applications.